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How Much Does an Architect Cost?

Many people have very limited experience of working with construction professionals, such as architects. Without any prior knowledge it can be difficult to tell whether or not you’re getting the best deal. The fees can vary significantly and it’s not always clear exactly what you’re paying for. So this article is written to try to help you to understand architectural fees.

Architect Fees

There are three different methods of charging for work:

The RIBA Plan of Work is basically a break-down of the stages a construction project will go through, taking you from its inception through to the building being delivered and even in use. So why do you need to know about it? Often when getting a quote from an architect they will reference the Plan of Work. For example they may say the quote is for work a stages 0 to 4 (or if using the old system they may use letters). What does each stage mean?

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Homes across the UK are shrinking. A report published by the financial services company LV stated that on average most British families are living in houses that measure only 96.8 square metres.

The Royal Association of British Architects (RIBA) has recently raised concerns about the increasing lack of storage space in the average British home, so here are some ideas to help you cope with a smaller house.

1. Shelves are great for storage

A Guide to Converting your Loft

Converting your loft is a more cost effective and less stressful alternative to moving house. With the recent falls in property prices increasing numbers of people are now opting to maximise the space in their homes, rather than moving. Making use of the otherwise wasted space in your loft is a great solution to your space problems and you probably won't even need Planning Permission! While most people won't need Planning Permission, your loft conversion must meet building regulations.

Your Home = Your Life

How we design the spaces we live in defines our quality of life. Here are a few of the ways in which the characteristics of a home – and more specifically, a home’s interior – can affect the lives of individuals and family units, for better or worse.

It all starts with a bed

Steady Reduction in Fly-tipping

Fly-tipping cost Local Authorities in England an estimated £36.4 million last year. This is a 3% reduction over the previous year. Fly-tipping incidents in England have been decreasing in the six years for which data is available and are now 44 % lower than in 2007/08.

While overall there has been a downward trend, there were 10% increase in the incidents of fly tipping in footpaths, bridleways and back alleyways in England. Together these now account for 212,000 cases, 20 per cent of fly-tipping incidents.

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Future Living: Eco Cities

If we are going to tackle climate change then much of our efforts should be focused on improving the way our buildings work. Buildings are the biggest consumers of energy and are responsible for up to 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainably built residential developments are superior to conventional residential construction projects over the long term in regard to environmental, economic and socio-cultural criteria.

Smart Homes: Automated Life

With recent technological advancements and the beginnings of the automation era, smart homes are making permanent and unprecedented changes to the way we live. Forgetting things like setting security alarms or turning on the dishwasher will become relics of a former way of life as automation systems manage and link our appliances, thermostats, and even computers while putting all their features into the palms of our hands. Imagine being able to control your home with a simple remote while you're at home and with your tablet PC while on the go!


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