44 Willow Décor Ideas For This Spring

Hey, string is here thank god. Take a look at the images shown below to get inspired and start your own decor project because it’s fun and easy. Spring flowers like daffodils and tulips can be a great accessory when it comes to decorating.














































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12 Japanese Bathtubs

Japanese bathtubs are quite different from Western-style tubs. One of their most important characteristics is the fact that they have a deeper construction. Also, the sides are usually square instead of being sloped like the tubs we use today.

Create a relaxing atmosphere, with subtle light and pleasant textures

Continue with an Asian-influence bathroom décor

Treat the bathroom like just another room of the house and give it an inviting look

Small deep-soaking tubs like this one can be great space-saving alternatives

Turn your bathroom into an oasis and set the mood

Asian-style bathroom featuring a traditional deep-soaking tub

Such a tub doesn’t take more space than a shower unit

Although most tubs are rectangular, other shapes are also available

A very simple and very zen bathroom décor with a wooden tub at the center

Wooden Japanese tubs are often used as statement pieces

Maintain a traditional design and décor if you like the style

If you want, you can also take the tub outdoors

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8 Monochromatic Rooms

Smooth and dreamy, chocolate brown works just like a stark black in the world of interior design, but it’s much softer and more versatile in the realm of style genres. From the bedroom to the living room, you can use a creamy, chocolatey shade to create a dark and dramatic look that still has a touchable essence. Take a look at some of the stylish, monochromatic rooms we found dipped in chocolate!

1. Conservative, Subtle.

We love this slick and dreamy master bedroom. It’s conservative enough for those that don’t love a lot of fuss and mess. It’s subtle enough to have a relaxing, feminine touch. But it’s also stylish enough to create a splash.


2. Eclectic, Accented.

You can find a lot of funky, eclectic pieces covered in rich, dark chocolate tones. So why not put them all together and create a room that’s not only touchable and welcoming, but full of trendy style?

3. Sophisticated, Masculine.

If you’re a man with a bit more of a traditional edge and need to spruce up the home office, you can never go wrong with bouts of chocolate brown. It’s sophisticated, it’s masculine and easy to accent and find pieces that work.

4. Modern, Chic.

As a big fan of modern, contemporary lines, this space truly showcases how precise and trendy that style can be. But, without the stark contrast of blacks, whites and silvers, the chocolate gives a more tangible, welcoming vibe.

5. Rustic, Cabin-Feel.

Chocolate brown can also help to create a rustic, country or even a cabin-esque vibe. It’s earthy of course, so it’ll be easy to accent with more natural, organic materials that are a bit more relaxed.

6. Parisian, Posh.

A guest bathroom dipped in chocolate is sure to go over well for any company you may have. It can easily give off a luxurious posh appeal. And you can add small bits of Paris for an even more upbeat flavor.

7. Futuristic, Clean.

You may not think of chocolate brown right off the bat when you think of futuristic style and fashion-forward thinking but after taking a look at this space, you’ll certainly think otherwise.

8. Feminine, Whimsy.

15 Low Coffee Table Designs

Coffee tables are very common and very popular pieces of furniture all over the world and lots of different styles and designs are available.However, low coffee tables seem to be the biggest trend in modern interior design these days. They are appreciated for their simplicity and usefulness as well as for the fact that they have a low construction and don’t obstruct the rest of the décor.

Such minimalist, clean and sharp designs are very common in modern homes

Low coffee table with a wooden construction and practical wheels

The white lacquered coffee table seems to be floating above floor level

The slim metal feet of the coffee table match those of the sofa

The same chic coffee table but in a different décor

Traditionally, coffee tables were made of wood and these are still very popular

A big sitting area may require more than one coffee table

This type of design can easily fit in storage compartments for books and magazines

The first coffee tables were long and low and quite similar to this one

The geometry of the coffee tables matches the rest of the décor

The simplicity of the design lets you focus on other aspects such as color

A very low coffee table that rests directly on the floor

Simple and compact, this coffee table is also very functional and versatile

Most coffee tables are square or sometimes round, but this one is rather different

A beautiful coffee table made of wood can be a refreshing accent piece

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72 Stylish Ceiling Designs

When redecorating our homes, we often tend to ignore the ceiling design. We usually just paint it white and don’t think twice about any other options. We focus more of the walls and on the floor. But the ceiling is very important and can radically change the whole design in a room. Let’s explore some of the options.

Coffered ceilings.

To emphasize the design of the ceiling, the beams can match the doors and windows


by Brett Mountain Photography

A plain white design is also an elegant option

by David Duncan Livingston

Some people prefer to stain the beams for a more rustic look

by Mueller Nicholls

But even if the beams are white, they still stand out

by Christopher Peacock

You can use the geometry on the ceiling when choosing the lighting fixtures

by Sara Hopkins

You can also opt for an all-wood coffered ceiling for a traditional look

by RJ Gurley

A very cohesive interior design wrapped in wood

by Phillip Mueller

Play with different shades and use the light in your favor

by Gabriel Builders

Try to create strong contrasts for an eye-catching look

by Teri Fotheringham Photography 

Coffered ceilings are a nice choice for formal spaces

by Mike Mroz

Coffered ceilings provide you with a way to hide the beams and to integrate them into a more complex design. They have been around for ages. In fact, there is evidence that wooden coffered ceilings were constructed in the Roman times. Nowadays all sorts of shapes and designs are possible and it ahs become a more versatile style.

Striped ceilings.

If you prefer a simple and more neutral color palette, try black

by Mihomes

For a brighter look, use more cheerful colors such as this coral shade

by Tobi Fairley

A girl’s bedroom could use some pink stripes on the ceiling

by Allison Potter

You can also play with colors and contrasts and choose a bold shade for the walls

by Aaron Leitz Fine

Usually, the color of the stripes on the ceiling matches that of the walls

by Adam Zollinger

If you want the ceiling to be the focal point then use a bold color

by ArttHaus

For cohesion, the ceiling can match the floor or the carpet

by Mike Martin

Soft, pastel shades are a good choice for nursery rooms

by Jessica Turf 

White doesn’t necessarily has to be one of the colors on the stripes

by Double W Design

The yellow stripes make this space cheerful and bright

by California Home Design

Stripes look great on walls and they’re very popular in general. But have you ever thought of painting stripes on your ceiling? It could be an interesting choice. Leave the walls plain and simple and focus on the ceiling, making it the focal point of the room.

Salvaged wood.

The aged ceiling beams give this open dining room a rustic look

This look is also popular in contemporary designs and decors

by Dungan Nequette

Pair the wood ceiling beams with rustic or antique chandeliers

by Jack Gardner

The aged wood on the beams can match some of the furniture for cohesion

by Benvenuti and Stein

Salvaged wood features are often seen in country-style homes

by Devon Perkins

You can mix and match different styles and choose your favorite features

by Meghan Beierle

A Mediterranean living room with dark-stained ceiling beams

by Yucca

Even if the beams have a dark stain, they still look charming with that aged finish

by Ken Hayden

Salvaged wood ceiling beams often look wonderful in traditional interior decors

by  Eric Piasecki

A traditional bedroom with white walls and contrasting ceiling beams

The aged finish on the beams matches some of the accent details in the décor

Exposed ceiling beams are often highlighted in interior décor. Salvaged and old wood in particular are very appreciated and people try to get this look by aging the wood using an instant technique. This replicates the effect on naturally aged wood and gives it that charm and uniqueness we seek.

Arched ceilings.

The arched ceiling gives this living room a very classical look

by Richard Mandelkorn

The rustic-traditional décor is elevated by the ceiling and windows

by Stone Wood llc

The beams on the arched ceiling give it a traditional feel

by Pat Sudmeier

More complex design with geometric forms suit modern and contemporary decors

by Pure Design Environments

Simple and smooth designs allow the architecture to become the focal point

by Vernon Wentz

Arched ceilings are quite popular in Mediterranean interior design. They are often paired with arched windows and they have a very elegant and stylish look. The designs can differ from ceilings with exposed beams to minimalist ceilings and ceilings with intricate designs.

Warm wood.

A wooden ceiling is a wonderful feature for the bedroom

by CJ Berg Photography

It can also look charming in the living room, especially with exposed beams

by J. Grant Design Studio

Allow the ceiling to stand out by choosing contrasting colors for the rest of the décor

by Refined llc

Create some symmetry with wooden furniture and matching colors

by AWH Photo & Design.

Try combining wood with stone for an organic interior design

by Jenkins Custom Homes

It’s no secret that wood makes a room feel warm and welcoming. But there are many ways in which you can integrate this material in your home’s interior design. Wooden floors are the most common but they’re not the only option. Wooden ceilings can be even more charming and eye-catching.

Modern ceilings.

Sculptural ceiling designs are wuite popular in modern homes

by Pepe Calderin Design

Usually, the designs are inspired from the classics but with a minimalist twist

by Markeng Lish Architects

Simplicity is the key in most cases and you can see that clearly here

This drop down ceiling design is popular because it’s both simple and intriguing

by The design mill

The lighting fixtures are often the detail that makes the ceiling stand out

by Scott Pease Photography

As we’ve mentioned before, wooden ceilings are perfect for the bedroom

by Bosworth Hoedemaker and Garret Cord Werner

Cove lighting can really make the ceiling pop, especially with such a sculptural design

by Barry Grossman

This contemporary kitchen takes the idea of exposed ceiling beams to a whole new level

by Alexandre Parent

The simple, geometric lines of the ceiling are recurrent throughout the décor

An ornate ceiling can beautifully complement a minimalist décor

by Sabaxter Builders

The styles and designs we’ve described so far don’t exactly fit in most modern homes. Here, the designers try to come up with all sorts of unusual and interesting designs and ways to give character to the ceiling and to make an important part of the whole interior décor.

Black and white ceilings.

The dark ceiling complements the wallpaper and color palette perfectly

by Susan Gilmore

A black ceiling is quite unusual but it can be a nice choice in an industrial décor

by Brunelleschi

Pick black and white as the main color palette for a room and create eye-catching contrasts

by Hans Fonk

Black ceilings seem to suit well basement spaces like this one

This industrial open space features a dark gray ceiling, still very interesting

by Angela Todd Designs

Of course, white is the most common color for ceiling regardless of the style

by Andrew Snow

White ceilings are especially charming when they also have exposed wooden beams

by Jan Skacelik(etsy)

A white ceiling can also be a nice way to emphasize the design and the architecture

Paint a wooden ceiling white for a more modern look while preserving the warmth

by Adrian Gregorutti

It’s often the shape of the ceiling that makes it stand out and not the color

by  Becki Peckham

Both white and black are very complex colors, despite their simplicity. When combined, they gain a timeless and classical beauty, so versatile that it can be seen in all styles and all domains and fields. In interior design, white is the go-to color for the ceiling but it’s not always the case.

Bold ceilings.

The color of the ceiling often matches the accent color chosen for the entire room

by Tineke Triggs

In this case, the ceiling matches the bedding and a very nice balance is created

by Greg Riegler 

If the ceiling is painted a bold color, then the walls should remain white

For the bedroom ceiling, pick a color that you really like

by Fuller Interiors

Orange is a very cheerful and dynamic color, suitable for entertainment areas

by by Julie Soefer

It’s quite unusual to encounter ceilings that feature bold colors. Usually, we choose neutral colors or pastel shades. But vibrant colors can really make the ceiling stand out and this can be an interesting option to explore. Let’s take a look at some examples and see how this would work out.

Concrete ceilings

Modern living room featuring a concrete ceiling and large columns

by Rad Design Inc

An industrial living room with concrete ceiling and matching walls

by Chipper Hatter 

Concrete ceilings can also look sleek and chic in modern kitchens for example

by Ivan Hunter

The gray tiled floor has a mate finish to match the ceiling

by Leicht 

20 Gothic Kitchen And Dining Room Designs

Gothic style is a very original and exquisite one, some people would say it’s gloomy but it’s up to you how to decorate – you can make it rather bright. I love new gothic style, which saves the colors and the atmosphere but uses minimalist furniture and sleek surfaces. Today we’ve gathered a bunch of gothic dining rooms and kitchen for you to get inspired. Stone, wood, exquisite works of art and draperies of wine colors – isn’t that luxury that we lack today? For those who love modern features, new gothic style is the best one – minimalist interiors in black, red, grey and white, with striking contrasts and refined lines. Scroll down to enjoy the pics!






















10 Fireplace Decor Ideas

Check out some of these inspiring ways to make your fireplace stand out and send the visual message that you want to send.


Animal Bust.

Embrace the inherent naturalness of a fireplace by topping things off with an animal bust. Real, faux, or funky – this trend offers personality to all décor styles, not to mention dimension to the fireplace.

A Single Simple Vase.

A single vase, in a contrasting color to the fireplace itself, provides a softening yet still contemporary feel to the many right angles that can surround a fireplace. (Bonus: continue the vase theme in other areas of the space for continuity.)

Photo Collage.

Adds personality, life, and color to the fireplace scene…not to mention conversation starters, and you can change out photos seasonally as you want. It’s a win-win.


Keeping things edited to one simple lineup of a few similar items, like these bird statues, can have a stunning impact.


We’ve all seen mirrors topping the fireplace mantel, and although it’s a choice that certainly has its benefits (e.g., space-expanding reflection), it’s not terribly unique. But take the mirror idea and twist it a bit – say, for example, layering a framed mirror over a large wall-mounted, and you’ve got yourself a unique fireplace decorating idea.

Let it Be.

If a fireplace design encompasses the entire wall, like this beautiful stone feature here, it could be preferable to let the feature wall stand alone, rather than trying to decorate and beautify something that is inherently aesthetic already.


To set the fireplace apart from the rest of the space, to feature it appropriately, some great contemporary wallpaper can do the job like nothing else. This wallpaper even helps to balance out (camouflage?) the large flat-screen TV above the fireplace, which is often a less-than-ideal décor move.

Modern Art.

A fireplace, what with its warm glow and all, tends to have a slightly traditional vibe no matter what the design is. Mounting one or two oversized pieces of modern art nearby is a funky-edgy twist to the whole cozy-up-around-the-fireplace scene.

Geometric Display.

Combine several interestingly shaped items, in this case mirrors, and create your own above-fireplace geometric motif for a cool modern look.