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Welcome to Innotect - Architecure, Design and Project Management Throughout South Wales


Let us help you transform your visions into reality with our creative team of experts. At Innotect we provide you professional and original designs customised to meet your needs and that’s within your financial capacity. Whether you’re looking for expert advice on your home addition or planning an energy efficient commercial space, we have the technical knowhow and experience to achieve a structurally sound and aesthetically appealing structure.

Our comprehensive professional service covers the full range of architectural design and planning. From the initial phase of providing you drawing schemes to administering the construction process, we’ll guide each step of the way. Design Build, New Construction, Renovation, Sustainable or Green Design, Interior Design and Adaptive Reuse and Historic Preservation are common architectural projects we cover.


As part of our complete design and construction services we can provide property surveys for those who are buying or selling a property, for tenants moving in or out and for those who are carrying out major construction work. Having a property surveyed will detect serious problems and we can provide recommendations on any risks involved. Earlier detection of faults or damages on your property will help you avoid spending thousands of pounds on repairs and depreciation of your building’s structural integrity.

Many homeowners and mortgage lenders are tempted to do away with surveying their properties. Some may even inspect their own property themselves, but with a professional examination you are sure that a trained eye can uncover all the problems that may be present in your property.

Project Management

Taking on a building project is a very exciting time. All you can see in your mind is the end result and where you may be too overwhelmed with task in hand. But there can be and often are many setbacks and unforeseen problems that can make you wish you had never started the project.

The Construction Management Team implements the project, constructing it as described in the Contract Documents (construction drawings and specifications) created during the Project Development phase. The Project Managers in the Construction Management Group provide oversight services, using their expertise in architecture, engineering, design and construction to take your project from design to occupancy.

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A Guide to Converting your Loft

Posted in Extensions, Home Improvement

Converting your loft is a more cost effective and less stressful alternative to moving house. With the recent falls in property prices increasing numbers of people are now opting to maximise the space in their homes, rather than moving. Making use of the otherwise wasted space in your loft is a great solution to your space problems and you probably won't even need Planning Permission! While most people won't need Planning Permission, your loft conversion must meet building regulations.

Your Home = Your Life

Posted in

How we design the spaces we live in defines our quality of life. Here are a few of the ways in which the characteristics of a home – and more specifically, a home’s interior – can affect the lives of individuals and family units, for better or worse.

It all starts with a bed

Steady Reduction in Fly-tipping

Posted in Environment

Fly-tipping cost Local Authorities in England an estimated £36.4 million last year. This is a 3% reduction over the previous year. Fly-tipping incidents in England have been decreasing in the six years for which data is available and are now 44 % lower than in 2007/08.

While overall there has been a downward trend, there were 10% increase in the incidents of fly tipping in footpaths, bridleways and back alleyways in England. Together these now account for 212,000 cases, 20 per cent of fly-tipping incidents.

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